Days after exposing Michael Jordan and his free throw fiasco, Hornets acquisition Brandon Miller gets a call from MJ himself

After the Hornets selected Brandon Miller, Michael Jordan teased him, saying, “You must get to work.” This could be one of the last opportunities a player has to relish such an exceptional encounter because a new era for the Hornets is about to begin. On Thursday night, the Charlotte Hornets picked Alabama’s Brandon “The B-Mill” Miller as the second general pick in the NFL Draft of 2023.

After the selection was revealed, franchise owner Michael Jordan called the young forward and mocked him. Michael “Money” Jordan, 60, asked Miller if he could still palm a ball to begin the conversation. The newcomer very well asserted that he was on it so for a few days now. MJ continued by emphasizing the value of starting your assignment immediately.

Miller gets a call from Jordan following Hornets’ draft pick

A very small number of basketball players are given the chance of a lifetime when Michael Jordan, the game’s greatest player, calls them on draft night. Among the four guys who got that call on Thursday night, Brandon Miller, the second-overall pick of the Charlotte Hornets, will always treasure it.

Miller may be among the final few players to receive those calls from MJ on draft night as a new ownership group, led by Rick Schnall and Gabe Plotkin, takes over. Jordan will still have a small ownership share in the company, so it’s possible he’ll be present when the Hornets select their newest players on draft night.

“You gotta get to work, dude” Jordan told Miller. “I’m very proud, very happy to have you, man.” The phone call is probably a continuation of the light-hearted banter between the two, since Miller, 20, recently admitted he talked trash to Jordan during his predraft workout.

Prior to the draft, the Crimson Tide standout had also referred to Jordan as “old” since he missed a free throw during the workout.

Recently, Michael Jordan fetched a staggering $3 billion for the majority of his ownership in the Charlotte Hornets. The legendary “Black Cat” still has the ability to decide who the team selects in 2023 with the second overall pick in the NBA Draft, though. He went to all the pre-draft exercises, and it was later discovered that he verbally abused Brandon Miller, a probable Hornets selection pick.

Alabama alum revealed how Michael Jordan airball a free throw in a workout session

And in that difficult circumstance, Miller not only took a break but also revealed to the media, a day before the draft, a humiliating incident involving the GOAT. The prospect agreed to an NBA Radio interview. He was questioned about Charlotte’s performance thus far in the pre-draft procedure. Strangely enough, the explanation began with the 20-year-old disclosing all the harsh talk he and the GOAT had exchanged.

Then afterward, he made up a fascinating tale about MJ. And, to be honest, it’s one that probably has the legendary Bulls player all red in the face. “He (Michael Jordan) told me (Brandon Miller), I was just a shooter, just shooting threes. So, I mean, there is nothing really about it. I know my talents and my abilities. Can’t really let Jordan get in your head, you know? I kinda talked some trash back to him.

Michael Jordan

“I witnessed him (Michael Jordan) air-ball a free-throw too. I always have that up against him… He’s just old. He’s just being old.” Nobody, not even Michael Jordan in his advanced age, could picture him air-balling a free shot. And he most definitely wanted to keep it a secret. However, because of his favored prospect, the entire world is now aware of his fleeting moment.

Even if this was stunning, Miller’s crude remarks about Michael Jordan didn’t end there. Paul George, according to Miller, is his GOAT. Overall, the exciting interactions between the daring youngster and the legendary basketball player make up the new-age NBA, where trash-talking and revelations take center stage more than anticipated. 


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