Charlotte Hornets reaches NBA mark for the record of 51 points in the first quarter vs Milwaukee Bucks sharing the record spot with Warriors

This is one of the best NBA seasons in history. Throughout this season, there has been nothing but outstanding performances leading the crowd to go wild with recorders being broken on a regular basis. This time it is the Charlotte Hornets producing the “goods” and breaking yet another record in the NBA.

The Hornets were up against the Bucks today, and they gave the fans “a bang for their buck,” that too, in the match’s first quarter. The Hornets comprehensively emerged as victors of the game with a 109-138 scorecard. 

In those 138 points, the team from Charlotte gained a whopping 51 points in the first half and broke the most points in any period record. They are now tied up with the Golden State Warriors for this record as they, too, have 51 points in a quarter, back in 2019, playing against the Denver Nuggets. The 51-pointer record overshadowed the long-held record of 50 points in 1962 by the Syracuse Nationals.

In the first quarter of the match, the Hornets had an astonishing 23 points lead as the Bucks could only score 28 points. The advantage of Charlotte’s only went upward as the game progressed- the team from Milwaukee could never make a comeback due to being behind the Hornets throughout the game. In the second and third quarters of the match, the Bucks were one point behind, with the scorecards for those quarters being 32-33 and 27-28. Even in the final quarter, they were four points back as the scores were 22-26. 

Who stood out in the match?

Although every Charlotte player contributed their parts to bring home the victory, the standout of the match was Terry Rozier for his magnificent gameplay. Playing 34 minutes, Rozier produced two rebounds,  four assists and a total of thirty-nine points to his name. 

Throughout the season, Terry Rozier tried his best to perform. Even though he had played match-winning games before, this was undoubtedly his best performance this season.  

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