NBA Trade Rumors: Mavericks set to back up Luka Doncic by adding huge star to roster

The Dallas Mavericks are having one of their best seasons in the NBA. The team is currently in the fourth position in the West Conference points table with twenty-two victories to their name and seventeen losses.

Even though most of their successes came at home, the team had to make serious comebacks to win each game. In most cases, the Mavericks looked down and out when their star of the season, Luka Doncic, produced some unbelievably outstanding performances to secure the victories for his side. 

Luka has indeed produced a lot of magic this season. However, the question of the moment is- How long can he keep it up? At some point, teams are likely to figure out his weaknesses. On the contrary, like all other players, the wizard of the Mavericks will eventually get injured and have to sit for one or two games. What will the Mavs’ do then?

For the Mavs’ to keep up their success, they have to look at other options- players who can produce similar sorcery that Luka does. Currently, the Dallas team does not have any extra options, so a trade is a must for them.

Who are the Mavericks looking to bring in?

The owners of the Dallas team- Mark Cuban and Nico Harrison, were searching for a player to bring balance to the team and suit Doncic’s playing style. Therefore, they have shown interest in the Croatian from the Pistons Bojan Bogdanovic.

Bojan is in the form of his life this season, and his stats certainly reflect it. Being a late bloomer, the 33-year-old has managed to play forty matches, scoring an average of 21.1 points per game. But if he is in such good form, why do the Pistons want to trade him? The answer to that question is straightforward, the team from Detroit is looking for young players who can serve them for an extended period.

Can the Mavericks get their hand on Bojan before other teams? Stay tuned for more updates!


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