Journalist to rue the day he illustrated Holger Rune being fit following Queen’s Club voodoo disposal

As the Danish tennis player, Holger Rune was expressing his relish for his win, a journalist blew his fuse. The match against Lorenzo Musetti started a fire in Rune and his win left him feeling more confident than ever.

This Queen’s Championship 2023 would be the Rune’s first time in the semi-final in the grass court. To play in the finals, the second seed will now have to defeat Alex de Minaur in the semis.  Earlier this week, Rune also admitted to have been watching Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic on the grass surface to aid him improve his game this season. Looks like watching the tennis matches play benefitted him.

Rune finally overcomes grass court woes

The Dane did not have a great start in the Queen’s with 0-3 on the surface but now is through the quarter-finals with “fire in belly” The quarter-final match itself did not have a great start for Rune. Midway through the opening set, Rune received treatment for his right wrist. He was down by 1-4 in the first set. The Dane was able to give a comeback after this by winning the next 5 games consecutively and taking the set. 

The second set was very close between the opponents. Lorenzo hit Rune with a strong smash, however unintentionally, to rise the tension further more. The Italian was quick to apologize but Rune was still displeased. The look he gave made that quite evident. The world number 6 said that this shot at him, motivated and helped him defeat his opponent in the closely fought second set.

Feisty Dane’s displeasure boils over at the presser

After the match, the young Dane spoke to the press, expressing his delight, motivation and confidence over the win. Having defeated his rival, he felt better and was ready for the next matches to come in the grass surface. 

This was when the journalist questioned the seriousness of his wrist issue. They asserted that he did not seem like he had a serious problem and make it seem as though Rune deliberately faked his injury. 

The Dane did not hold back and replied, “Didn’t I look injured? I didn’t serve very well at the beginning of the match because my wrist was uncomfortable. So I don’t know what you saw. If you were in my body, you could say something like that. If not, you shouldn’t.”

Was it okay for the journalist to make assumptions about the player’s physical complaints? Do you think Rune was being harsh unnecessarily? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 


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