Jamie Murray dismisses criticism of Andy Murray’s presence alongside Tennis’ elite “Big Three”

As the Wimbledon qualifiers are right around the corner, the official Wimbledon page shared a post about the “epic rivalries” that have been witnessed in the elite grass surface tournament throughout history. Quickly after this, criticism from tennis fans all around the world came spewing. Fans were confused and agitated with the illustration of the tennis players.

Not only were the fans disappointed about the female tennis stars, especially the William sisters, hidden somewhere in the back of the image, but also the absence of the two-time Wimbledon Champion, Andy Murray. One of the most annoyed was Jamie Murray who immediately questioned the exclusion of his brother. 

Jamie Murray brutally shuts down Andy Murray’s critics

Muzza, the British professional tennis player, has made numerous achievements in the world of tennis before and after his hip surgeries in 2018 and 2019. Most importantly, two out of his three major tournament wins, were Wimbledon titles. However, he was not part of the recent promotional picture of all the big tennis figures. The frustration of Jamie’s and countless tennis fans’ was evident in the comments made by the fans, pointing out his contributions to the world of tennis. 

Jamie thought that it was disrespectful to not include the British champ, Andy Murray in the post. In response to critics who seemed to think that the image was just fine, Jamie commented, “didn’t they talk about the big 4 for 10 years until he smashed his hip to pieces when he was world No.1 you melt”.

Murray had been world number one for 41 weeks, had been believed to be one of the Big 4 during a magnificent era of tennis and had contributed so much to the tournament before his hip surgeries. Jamie was quick to state the history his brother had made and show his disappointment with the official promotional post. 

Djokovic, bientôt le GOAT incontesté ? - Sport/Foot Magazine

Their uncle Niall Erskine tweeted, “Appalling at every level, all about the men in the forefront and your own British history maker nowhere to be seen. You should be ashamed of yourselves” in absolute dismay of the same post. 

Carlos Alcaraz improves his Tennis by watching Murray and Roger Federer

With the grass season on course, the young Spain Carlitos turns to the “best” on this surface to aid him in his journey. He reveals that he has been watching and learning from Andy Murray and Roger Federer. 

Carlos Alcaraz snubs Novak Djokovic with Roger Federer and Andy Murray Wimbledon admission | Tennis | Sport | Express.co.uk

“You know, on grass, Roger and Andy for me are the best players that are moving great on grass. So, I want to be the same, you know, like them”, states young Charly.  Even though strong movements and timing can be more complicated in the grass surface, the rising Spaniard is sure to adapt quickly

The 20-year old top seed, Carlos Alcaraz has become a sensation and while he has established his style of play favorable to the clay surface, he is quickly improving his play on the grass surface. As he makes it into the quarter finals at the Queen’s Club Championship, he insists that he is prioritizing improving his game and learning from experience rather than winning this title. 

Was it truly so unfair for Andy Murray to be excluded from one promotional image? Also what are your thoughts on the quickly rising, young tennis star Carlos Alcaraz? Do you think he might be a significant player in Wimbledon 23? Let us know in the comments below!!


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