Days after winning 10th consecutive race, Max Verstappen shockingly reveals Red Bull’s rule-bending for special helmet

Red Bull’s versatile choices of designs for the helmets of the racers were always productive and stylish. They seem to have a unique style of designing every helmet.

The company had a constant policy of sticking the Red Bull logo on it first and then proceeding to design around the helmet. This policy applies to everyone, except for the seemingly unstoppable Max Verstappen. Mark seemed to have shaped Red Bull for flexibility and bent the rule for himself which changed the entire policy of the Company to have his special helmet.

 Red Bull makes exception for Max Verstappen

Mark Verstappen, a Dutch driver made news when he bent the rules as well as the entire policy of Red Bull. He was a two-timed world champion who has been in remarkable form and consistency this season and has easily won ten races in a row to achieve consistent victories and applause, on his way to winning his third consecutive drivers’ world championship.

Recently, in an interview, Mark revealed that he was allowed to participate in races wearing a helmet with any design he wanted. For the driver,  his identity and looking good whilst racing is what makes him confident throughout the entire race. It helps him stay focused and motivated.

He stated that it took him years to push through the fact that Red Bull’s logo on the helmet takes a lot of designs away, and as a man whose confidence also relied on looks, it was extremely hard for him to stay motivated.

“Before, whilst karting and also in Formula 3, I always drove with my helmet design, and when I signed with Red Bull you lose a lot of your design because there’s a big Red Bull logo on everything. So it took me a couple of years to push this through.”

“Actually, all Red Bull helmets, get Red Bull pasted on there first, and then you have to design around it. I said, I’m going to make my design first, and then we stick Red Bull in it.”

“ I think it is important.”

 Verstappen makes history with Italian GP win

Max Verstappen set a new record for F1 in an Italian Grand Prix by taking his 10th win as a Ferrari battled between themselves. He remained unbothered when he passed Carlos Sainz for the lead on Lap 15, as he took a 10th win on the trot to surpass the record previously held by Sebastian Vettel of nine.

Max made history in this race and won the title of being “unstoppable” recently. His skills are being praised throughout the world and fans are rejoicing with each other for the ultimate victory.

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