Days before Lions clash, Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes sheds light on toughest part of preseason

The NFL preseason is not only limited to draft or preseason games. One harsh part also includes reducing the teams’ roster size which results in the end of many players’ NFL dreams. Patrick Mahomes will never have to face the fear of going through this process after his incredible NFL career with the Chiefs. 

The quarterback led his team to the Super Bowl championship last season and became the Super Bowl MVP. However, the quarterback recently shared his perspective on this challenging process. 

Patrick Mahomes shares heartfelt thoughts on player cuts

Right now, almost all NFL teams’ rosters consist of 90 players but before the regular season starts, they will have to reduce the size of their rosters, as every team can have only 53 players in their active roster. The Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes shared that it is the hardest part of the preseason for him.

“It’s hard, I don’t like to follow it too closely,” Patrick Mahomes said

The quarterback shared that it’s not easy to see players losing their dreams and leaving the team. 

“I’m rooting for everybody. It’s hard to sit there and you don’t want to promote for one guy to make it over another guy because this is people’s livelihoods, this is people’s lives.”

Patrick Mahomes shared that mostly the coach of the team handles this process. 

“I let those guys, Brett Veach and coach Reid handle that, Clark Hunt everyone like that. They do a good job of finding the best players to put in position to go out there and have success.”

Patrick Mahomes

The quarterback further added that he’s rooting for everybody, so he doesn’t get involved in the process at all.

“I don’t follow that too closely. It’s hard for me. I like all the guys in the locker room, It’s hard to see guys, even if it’s for a moment, their dreams kind of get cut right there so it definitely is a hard day for everybody in this league.”

In the coming days right before the regular season starts around 1,000 NFL players will get cut. It’s hard for them to lose their dreams after they join the NFL teams. It’s hard for their teammates as well to watch their fellow members leave. But it’s the part of the preseason and every team must follow this protocol. 

When will Lions face the Chiefs for season opener?

As the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl Championship last season, they will play the season opener game of the regular season. They will play against the Detroit Lions.

The game is scheduled for September 7 and will begin at 8:20 p.m. Till then the roster of almost all the teams will be cut short including that of the Chiefs and that will surely be a hard time for everyone including Patrick Mahomes. 

Patrick Mahomes

But Patrick Mahomes has faith in the coach of the team that he’ll pick the best players on the roster that will help them succeed in the upcoming season. Both the Chiefs and Lions are very strong teams; therefore, the anticipation is high for the first game of this regular season.

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