Patrick Mahomes Sr drops Bengals’ QB Joe Burrow’s name during Super Bowl LVII celebration

Patrick Mahomes is the future of the NFL, and it was apparent when he led the Kansas City Chiefs to their second Super Bowl victory in the last four years. Mahomes deservingly lifted the Vince Lombardi Trophy, having played with a sprained ankle and still scoring three touchdowns. However, after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, Joe Burrow resurfaced out of nowhere.

Joe Burrow is another prospect of the NFL who is also a ladies’ man. Gorgeous women like Paige Spiranac and Olivia Dunne are rumored to have a crush on the handsome Bengals quarterback. However, this time it was not Paige -who was a TV correspondent of the Super Bowl- to take Joe Burrow’s name. Then, who did?

Who took the name Joe Burrow after the Super Bowl in Arizona?

While many people might have taken the name of Joe Burrow, Patrick Mahomes senior came into the spotlight for doing so, or it is the other way around. While speaking with Emmanuel Acho, Mahomes Sr. could not help himself taking the name of Burrow. Later, Acho shared the video on Twitter and wrote,

“Pat Mahomes Sr. ‘Don’t ever doubt 15, I made him different… and I ain’t smoking on them Joe Burrow’s I’m smoking on them Philly Blunts.’ Talk yo ish pops!! #SuperBowl”

Issues with Joe Burrow started just before the AFC Championship game between the Bengals and the Chiefs. The Bengals’ players, including their mayor, went too far with all the trash-talking and called the famous Arrowhead stadium “Burrowhead stadium.”

After the Chiefs won the AFC Championship game, the Kansas City team celebrated their victory with cigars, just as the Bengals did in the previous one. The lighting up of the smokes was to bash the Bengals as they took the Chiefs lightly and paid for it. Now that Patrick Mahomes and the team have lifted the Vince Lombardi Trophy, it is like a reminder to Joe Burrow and crew not to underestimate the opponents under any circumstances. 

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4 thoughts on “Patrick Mahomes Sr drops Bengals’ QB Joe Burrow’s name during Super Bowl LVII celebration”

  1. KC needs to slow down on the smack talk especially when the referees takes them by the hand and walk them through to Victory and the NFL allows it.

  2. KC didn’t win either game on their own. The championship game and the Superbowl were handed to them on a silver platter by the referees of the games.

  3. I am a huge huge supporter and fan of the Cincinnati Bengals! I Love my home team!!! But, I also love Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs! Adore Patrick and his beautiful little family! (So beautiful to watch and hear about them! )And coach Andy is awesome! I’ve always loved to watch the two teams play together!! Always fun and exciting. Never a dull moment! The fun and respect that they have out there on the field for each other is unmatched! But, Patrick’s father trying to stir the pot is uncalled for! You know when you steer it, it only gets worse, smells so bad that you can’t be around it or have any respect for someone who likes to just cause shit to stink!! Patrick is an amazing person, player, husband, daddy, brother, son and friend! He is an amazing earth angel for sure! I’m an old woman but, I’ve got a girl crush on him! Lol not really, it’s more like watching my grandson out there. Patrick has a beautiful, wonderful and blessed soul. I hope and Pray 🙏🙏🙏 that the game doesn’t change the man he is? The Fame can turn a person on a dime! Patrick is to special to see that happen to him!!! So dad Sr. Please back off of the criticism to others for Patrick!!! He’s Got this!!! He’s doing it right! We don’t see that much these days and times in our lives! God Bless You Patrick and your beautiful family! Much Love 💗 from a huge Fan! Theresa


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