“He’s winning and he’s getting world class attention” Johnny Nelson gives wild prediction ahead Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul

In the realm of combat sports, glory and dignity are often placed over Money and fame by the fighters truly dedicated to the sport. This exact point makes the Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul matchup so confusing as there is honor to be gained but a lot of money is involved too. Johnny Nelson has a wild pick for the winner of this fight.

The former cruiserweight champ had this to say, “You know what? I’m gonna say something here. I think Jake Paul is not a bad fighter. I think Jake Paul beats Tommy Fury. It’ll be a hard pill to swallow, but he’s one of the YouTubers you’ve got to respect and think he’s doing his job, he’s fighting, he’s winning and he’s getting world-class attention.”

How justified are Jonny Nelsons’s claims about Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul?

Firstly we have to remember the fight was already scheduled twice and Tommy Fury was actually the one to pull out both times. Once he cited injury reasons while the other time he cited passport issues. Jake Paul probably should’ve been the one to fear a ‘legit’ boxer but ‘TNT’ seems to always run into problems.

The earlier mentioned problem is not helped by the fact that Tommy Fury has already admitted to taking the fight for money. He is married and has a child coming, so he can definitely use the money he would get if let’s say a secret contract was signed to make it up to him for losing.

Jake has not hesitated to make things personal by going after the Fury family. On the flip side, both Tyson and John have been making huge predictions about this fight and issuing stern warnings to both fighters. Tommy has also not shown up in the pre-fight post-conferences which is a debatable move.

To conclude, we hope that Tommy takes this fight seriously as this fight could make or break his career.

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