“It is typical Fury stuff to be honest” Jake Paul slams Tommy Fury for not attending press conference in Saudi Arabia

The highly anticipated Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight finally seems to be getting closer to becoming a reality. As is a tradition in boxing, a prefight press conference was scheduled between the Young Fury and ‘The Problem Child’ where  ‘TNT’ was absent. Jake did not waste this opportunity and began throwing shades.

In his response to the situation, Paul said,

“When you sign up to do something and you make a commitment that is what it should be about. It just shows me he is scared because he said he didn’t need to train for this fight. But meanwhile, his excuse first was that he had to train extra to fight me. And now apparently it is a private matter.”

“It is typical Fury stuff, to be honest. I love Tyson but I’m saying the dad and Tommy it is typical from them. This fight goes three to four rounds, the kid has never been tested. He has never been in a hard fight. The combined record of his opponent is 20 wins and about 200 losses and I have two chips on my shoulder. He has been spoon-fed and piggy-backed off his brother,” he further added.

Why was ‘TNT’ absent from the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury press conference?

While we don’t know the exact reasons why Tommy was absent from the interview. We aren’t completely buying all the things that Jake had to say either so here we will speculate some possible events that may have taken place.

Firstly, Fury’s absence could mean he is training super hard and wants to stick to all the claims he made leading up to the fight. His father and brother have issued stern warnings for him in the event of losing the fight so he has a lot at stake. One worrying factor is that he has admitted to taking the fight for money.

The fight is currently scheduled for February 26th.


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