Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury purse, payouts, salaries revealed: How much will the fighters make from the February 26th showdown?

Following several Twitter rumors of the bout’s cancellation, YouTuber turned-boxer Jake Paul made the official announcement on Friday that the grudge fight between him and British boxer Tommy Fury is officially on.

This deadly duo will settle their score on February 26th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The fight will air on ESPN+ as a pay-per-view, and the fight card will cost $49.99.

Fury (8-0) was supposed to face the problem child in December 2021 but withdrew from the bout due to his nasty rib injury, and for that, the younger Paul had to face Tyron Woodley for the second time.

And again in 2022, the fight between Paul (6-0) and the younger Fury again made headlines due to their agreement to face off against each other on August 6th, but due to Tyson Fury’s involvement with the Irish Cartel leader, TNT was denied US entry, which resulted in another cancellation of the bout. 

However, fans have been anticipating this magnum opus event for so long that the fight will undoubtedly draw huge attention, and both fighters will walk away with massive purses.

After analyzing previous payment records and data from insiders, we came to the conclusion that this is how much these two could be making for the upcoming clash. Let us break down the fight purses, payouts, and salaries of these celebrity boxers for their upcoming February 26th bout.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Purse, Payouts, Salaries

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul 6th August
Tommy Fury and Jake Paul prior to their 6th August bout (Credit: Getty)

Although Jake Paul only fought former players, his attention-seeking ability has made him one of the highest-paid boxers in recent years. 

In his most recent fight, Jake Paul earned a whopping $6.5M against former UFC champion Anderson Silva. The lowest-earning fight for Jake Paul to date was against former Bellator champion Ben Askren, in which the YouTube sensation walked away with a tidy sum of $690,000.

For the upcoming clash against Fury, Jake Paul will be grabbing a guaranteed purse of $3.2M, but with a 65% PPV share, his total purse will be a whopping $8.6M (including sponsorship deals).

The opponent, the Brit Tommy Fury, is set to bag a $2M guaranteed purse, and with his 35% PPV share, the younger Fury will receive a lofty total of $4.5M which will be the biggest payday for TNT.

There will be an additional $1 million on the line for the winner as a performance bonus.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Purse Breakdown

Boxer Base Salary PPV Bonus Share Total Purse
Jake Paul $3.2M 65%  8.6M
Tommy Fury $2M 35%  4.5M

As the fight has been headlined several times, the PPV sales will skyrocket, and as the American is way more popular than Fury due to his YouTube career, it is obvious that Paul will bag a higher payday than the British boxer.

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