Lamar Jackson’s mysterious message suggests Raven drama before NFL teams franchise tag deadline

The day before NFL squads may utilize the franchise tag, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson he has posted a mysterious statement to his Instagram fans. When Lamar Jackson wrote on his Instagram account on Monday morning, he could have been alluding to his destiny with the Ravens.

“No matter how much genuine love you show it’ll never be enough,” Jackson wrote in the caption of his first Instagram post. He also included an emoji with signs on its face that appeared to be saying, “so f-k it.”

Then he included a picture of an upper torso with a head engulfed in brilliant flames. The postings come at an interesting time in Jackson’s career as he looks for a long-term deal, though it’s questionable precisely what Jackson was alluding to.

Jackson has used his Instagram story a number of times this offseason to drop cryptic suggestions. Jackson wrote, “When you have something good, you don’t play with it,” on his Facebook page after the squad’s final loss of the year.

Jackson added in his tweet from January 16: “You don’t take chances losing it. You don’t neglect it. When you have something good, you pour it into it. You appreciate it. Because when you take care of something good, that good thing takes care of you too.”

Jackson’s rookie contract recently came to an end, and Baltimore exercised his fifth-year choice, although he skipped the final 5 matches because of a PCL sprain he suffered in Week 13. As a result of the inconsistency of the attack under reserve quarterbacks Tyler Huntley and Anthony Brown, the Ravens were eventually removed from the playoffs in the wild-card round.



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