Stephen A. Smith holds LeBron James “personally responsible” for ruining NBA’s All-star dunk contest citing Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant

The NBA’s All-Star Weekend has just ended, but the conversation surrounding the event is far from over. The Slam Dunk Contest has been the subject of much criticism in recent years due to a lack of star power and underwhelming performances.

However, G Leaguer Mac McClung appears to have revived the main event of All-Star Saturday Night with his stunning performance. While many basketball stars have praised McClung, Stephen A. Smith, an ESPN analyst, had a different take on the matter.

Smith was asked on “First Take” if he believed McClung saved the Dunk Contest. Smith’s response was pessimistic. He blamed LeBron James for ruining the once-sacred All-Star event. “The superstars are what NBA All-Star Weekend is supposed to be about but where were the superstars in the Slam Dunk Contest? We didn’t see any,” he said.

Smith went on to cite legends such as Julius Erving, Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, and Tracy McGrady, who all participated in at least one Slam Dunk Contest during their Hall of Fame careers.

Smith argued that LeBron James ignored his obligation to participate in the Slam Dunk Contest and that his decision has had far-reaching consequences. “He is personally responsible,” Smith declared. “Since he made that decision, we’ve seen year after year after year, the dissipation of stars participating in the Slam Dunk Contest. It’s because of him that others felt it was OK to follow, and that’s why the Slam Dunk Contest is not what it used to be.”

While Smith acknowledged that LeBron James is an excellent player and has made numerous contributions to the game of basketball, he believes that James should have participated in the Slam Dunk Contest at least once. Smith described the Slam Dunk Contest as a “blemish” on James’ otherwise outstanding career.

LeBron James, who has won four championships and 10 trips to the NBA Finals, has been praised for his athleticism and skill on the court. However, according to Smith, his failure to participate in the Slam Dunk Contest has had a negative impact on the event and the NBA All-Star Weekend as a whole.



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  1. I guess James ‘s fan base isn’t as important to him as they once were. The fans want to see the greats in the slam dunk contest along with the McClungs of the game. It creates the individuality of the dunks along with pushing the players both new & old to do their best For The Fans! Basketball has changed so much over the years that it’s not the game that it once was. It’s sad when all the big name players are pushing the basic rules to put on a bit of a show. The refs that don’t call those simple rules are at fault also. What kind of fundamental rules are we teaching our young players coming up in the league? Sad just sad


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