Bengals QB Joe Burrow invests in professional women’s Volleyball league alongside Jason Derulo in US

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has stepped out of the football field and into the world of business.

From supporting charity work to investing in farmland, the talented sportsman has shown that he has more than just one string to his bow. Recently, Burrow joined hands with musician Jason Derulo to invest in a professional women’s volleyball team.

The Burrow family has roots in Nebraska, which made this opportunity more appealing to the NFL star. In December 2022, Burrow and his parents became founding partners of the Pro Volleyball Federation, and now, the quarterback is funding a team to participate in the league, which is scheduled to begin in February 2024.

According to reports, Burrow and Derulo’s investment in women’s volleyball isn’t just a financial move, but also a chance to give female athletes a platform to achieve greatness.

Burrow stated, “No one ever achieves greatness without first being provided an opportunity. Pro Volleyball Federation is opening the door, and we are excited to see these athletes chase their dreams and goals.” Burrow’s investment is an excellent step towards boosting the profile of women’s volleyball and promoting gender equality in sports.

The Burrow family’s connection to Nebraska makes the move an obvious one, as volleyball is a significant sport in the region. The University of Nebraska boasts one of the top volleyball programs in the country, and games often have excellent attendance ratings. This move to invest in a women’s volleyball team could prove to be very successful, especially with Burrow and Derulo’s star power behind it.

Although Joe Burrow is not one to seek the spotlight and make many media appearances, his commitment to giving back is evident through his involvement in various philanthropic and business ventures.

With his latest investment, Burrow has shown that he is willing to take risks and support ventures that he believes in. His move to invest in women’s volleyball could inspire other athletes to use their platform to invest in sports that may not receive as much recognition as football or basketball. Joe Burrow is not only a talented athlete, but he is also a leader off the field.



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