“Yeah right Islam got his asss whooped” Nate Diaz takes his shot at Islam Makhachev following unanimous decision win vs Alexander Volkanovski

Sore losers are not usually the most fun person to be around and UFC has a lot of them. It is one thing if fans decide to get into a verbal altercation about which fighter threw more hands, but when Nate Diaz talks about the Islam Makhachev vs Alexander Volkanovski matchup, it seems pathetic for a lot of reasons.

Nate retired after his win in the last fight of his contract against Tony ‘El Cucuy’ Ferguson. There have been a lot of big rumors surrounding him where some say he is going to start a fighting league of his own while others say he is going to box Jake Paul or something. But Alas! He decides to go after former rivals.

After the UFC 284 main event, Nate Diaz first congratulated Volkanovski and then went on to insult Makhachev.

After the fight had ended, the 5th round clip of Volk landing seemingly good ground and pound shots on the current lightweight champ went viral. Some casual fans who probably didn’t watch or understand the fight took this clip and ran with it.

Unfortunately, a veteran like Nate may also be pursued by such misleading clips or by sheer hatred and jealousy.

Let’s look back at what Volkanovski had to say after rewatching the fight, “Just watched the fight, I definitely think I won 2,3, and 5. Surprised I didn’t get my hand raised! Let’s do the rematch, anywhere, anytime!”

The new pound-for-pound number 1 fighter was quick to respond, “Just watched the tape, and have to be fair, out of 25 minutes Volk got last 1 minute!”

Let’s remember the fact that even though Alex thought he won the fight, he asked for a rematch, not a revision of the results.

Why is Nate Diaz commenting on Islam Makhachev vs Alexander Volkanovski?

The main reason seems to be the old rivalry Nate Diaz shares against Khabib. Diaz didn’t have the guts to face Khabib when he still was active, so he now tries to poke at his old rival at almost any chance he gets.

Such behavior is really pathetic from such a long-time fighter.


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