Despite being “great friends” Stephen Curry banishes LeBron James from NBA greatness

Recently, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors was asked to reveal the five players that would start for his ideal NBA team of all time. Curry’s chosen players made a powerful lineup as it included many NBA legends. He chose to add a diverse group of players who have made a lasting effect on the game.

However, many fans would declare his choices controversial, as he excluded a particular icon of the game from the list. LeBron James, arguably one of the greatest players to grace the basketball court, was surprisingly omitted, despite having a strong relationship with the 35-year-old.

Stephen Curry keeps LeBron out of his dream team

Stephen Curry’s best starting five in NBA history covers four decades. Curry chose Shaquille O’Neal at center, Tim Duncan at small forward, Magic Johnson at point guard, and Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant at shooting guard and power forward, making up his strong roster of iconic players.

However, the selection procedure had an unexpected twist. After initially starting Larry Bird at small forward, Curry switched to Kobe Bryant as his second option. When asked about his final decision, he said, “It was a tough call, but I had to go with Kobe’s scoring ability and versatility.”

Although Curry has a bond of friendship with LeBron James, surprisingly, he didn’t include him in his starting lineup. Although just three of his picked players were opponents he faced during his time in the NBA, the inclusion of Johnson and Jordan, who retired before Curry’s NBA career began, tells a lot about the influence these icons had on him and the game.

Curry showed incredible humility and respect for the greats who came before him by leaving himself and other active players out of the lineup. He said, “I wanted an all-retired players lineup for this exercise,” emphasizing his desire to pay tribute to basketball’s bygone periods.

Curry considers King James to be “great friend”

Over the modern years of the NBA, Stephen Curry and LeBron James have been the highlight of the NBA. They are not just competitors but have also shown us some great battles in the game of basketball. Although King James has always been a difficult opponent, the two superstars have become friends due to their shared experiences on the court.

Speaking openly about their connection, Stephen Curry described it as “complex.” He remembered how, as a young novice, James had seen him play in tournaments and given him sound advice. Curry said, “He gave me advice on how to get through some of the early struggles that I was going to experience as a player.”

“He’s a great dude, great friend, great competition. It’s amazing to go back to look at where it all started, in Ford Field and a Sweet Sixteen game,” added Curry.

Curry and James have removed any differences between them and formed a strong friendship, appreciating the positive influence each player has had on the other’s development and success.

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