Did Tom Brady cheat with Patriots? Exploring Tom Terrific’s Deflategate scandal

There are lees to every wine. And this classic proved itself again in the scandal associated with Tom Brady. As the GOAT has said his goodbye to the NFL grounds, many will remember him for his marvelous career while others for a stigma on his shining forehead.

Tom Brady

Although the quarterback’s 23 seasons were in a word splendid, he will have to bear some black spots associated with his career for the rest of his life including the cheating scandal with the Patriots. So, let’s explore the scandal of Tom Brady which is not likely to go away from his resume even in the upcoming many decades.

What is Deflategate Scandal?

Deflategate, the term itself is associated with a scandal that took place during the 2014 AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts where the former was found deflating the football used in the game.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady suspension case, 2014.

A thorough investigation was done afterward regarding the incident that comes under the term too.

Were Brady and the Patriots found guilty?

The 253-page report of the investigation declared the Patriots to be guilty. As a consequence, Tom Brady couldn’t appear in four games in the 2016 season.

Furthermore, the team had to lose $1 million as a fine amount and ended up losing two of their proficient draft picks.

What did Tom Brady say about his involvement with cheating?

The investigation found hints of the player’s involvement with the scandal. However, the QB declared him innocent of all of the speculations made against him.

However, there are strong pieces of evidence of his awareness of the crime. Besides, the committee of the investigation found Brady even smashing his phone to hide any potential evidence before handing it over to the authority; a movement like this is very suspicious.

But when asked about the incident of breaking the phone, he simply mentioned, there is nothing unusual about destroying the phone as he is accustomed to doing it with old ones.

Well, whatever the actual scenario is, this is undoubtedly a heinous act in the history of the NFL. Moreover, this is totally unacceptable for an iconic player who won hundreds of hearts with his amazing skills offering him 7 Super Bowls titles under his name.

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