How many records does Tom Brady hold? Let’s take a look at NFL icon’s prolific and unprecedented career

The NFL grounds bear testimony to the rise of a living legend who literally created his own league of history which will inspire many young players for the upcoming decades. It is Tom Brady, the retired NFL player and one of the best quarterbacks ever.

The QB spent 23 seasons as a footballer among which 20 were with the New England Patriots and the final three were with Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Although the former Michigan player left the field with a heavy heart and teary eyes at the end of his tenure, his hands weren’t empty as they were filled with marvelous accomplishments.

There is hardly any record that the legend has forgotten to smash while he was shining as the brightest star of the NFL. So, it is time to have a sharp glance at the records Tom Brady holds, making the most of a prolific and unprecedented career.

Let’s get started.

How many records does Tom Brady hold?

His records are divided into three parts regular seasons, post-seasons, and the main event—the Super Bowl.

TB12 Regular Seasons Records:

  • Games Started (333)
  • Total wins as a starting quarterback (251)
  • Passing yards (89,214)
  • Passing touchdowns (649)
  • Completions (7,753)
  • Touchdowns threw to different receivers (98)
  • Division titles (19)
  • Pro Bowl appearances (15)
  • Oldest player to win NFL MVP (40 years old)
  • Oldest player to be named First-Team All-Pro (40 years old)
  • Seasons with one team (20, Patriots)
  • The only player to beat all 32 NFL teams

Tom Brady Post-Seasons Records:

  • Games started (48)
  • Wins by a starting quarterback (35)
  • Consecutive playoff wins (10, from 2001-2005)
  • Passing yards (13,400)
  • Passing yards in a game (505)
  • Passing touchdowns (88)
  • Interceptions (39)
  • Completions (1,200)
  • Multi-touchdown passing games (28)
  • Game-winning drives (14)
  • Conference championship appearances (14)
  • Conference championship game wins (10)

Tom Brady Super Bowl records:

  • Super Bowl appearances (10)
  • Super Bowl wins (7, more than any NFL franchise)
  • Super Bowl MVPs (5)
  • Touchdown passes (21)
  • Passing yards (3,039)
  • Completions (277)
  • Pass attempts (421)
  • Passing yards in a game (505)
  • Completions in a game (43)
  • Pass attempts in a game (62)
  • Game-winning drives (6)
    Tom Brady
    Tom Brady Shows Off His 7 Super Bowl Rings

What records does Brady not have?

Although the former Patriots player’s winning list is a long one, there are still a few records that he couldn’t make during his playing period.

Have a look-

  • Most games played
  • 50 playoff games
  • Most career starts with one team
  • Most 300-yard passing games

What are your thoughts on Tom Brady and his magnificent records? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments. 

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