DJ Fluker seeking opportunities to comeback in NFL, ex-Chargers OT was spotted training with Eagles

DJ Fluker, ex-Chargers OT is eager to make a comeback in the NFL. He recently worked out for the Philadelphia Eagles on Wednesday, showcasing his determination to return to the field.


His last appearance in an NFL game dates back to January 16, 2021. But the recent updates show that he is eager to join the league again. In his pursuit to rejoin the league, Fluker participated in drills at Alabama’s pro day, taking advantage of the opportunity to showcase his skills and readiness to potential teams. Notably, he has reportedly made significant progress in his physical conditioning, having shed 40 pounds during his time away from the game.

DJ Fluker career stats

The Chargers selected him in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft and since then he played in multiple teams until 2020. He played for the Giants, Seahawks, and Ravens. In 2021, he didn’t play in any regular season games but played short stints with the Dolphins, Raiders, and Jaguars. 

Throughout his career, he showcased his skills in 108 games, with an impressive 96 starts. 

On which team did he have the most impact?

DJ Fluker

During his NFL career, DJ Fluker had the most impact on the Seattle Seahawks. The team acquired him in 2018. The team was one of the worst rushing teams in 2017. However, with Fluker’s contributions, the team improved significantly and became the best rushing team in the NFL in 2018.

The team’s record with him in the lineup stood at an impressive 8-2. In contrast, the Seahawks experienced a 2-4 record without Fluker on the field.

Why was he released from three different NFL teams?

With the Chargers he played in 59 games. However, the team realized the option price for him would be $8.821 million. Deeming this amount too high, they chose to release him just two days before his 2017 salary would have become guaranteed.

Then he joined the New York Giants. But he had turf toe because of which the team entered him into free agency once again. 

DJ Fluker

He later signed a contract with the Seattle Seahawks. But the team selected Damien Lewis and released Fluker despite having one season remaining on his contract. 

He has not played since 2021. Recently seen training with the Philadelphia Eagles, ex-Chargers OT’s determination and dedication to return to the field bode well for his future prospects. Here’s hoping for a successful comeback for Fluker in the NFL.

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