“Doing the same things Ja was doing and ten times worse” Ex-Warriors star Stephen Jackson makes shocking admission following Ja Morant IG live gun incident

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson has gone out about his personal experiences partying and visiting strip clubs during his playing days, as well as criticizing the New York Post for releasing pictures of Memphis Grizzlies player Ja Morant at a club.

In a social media post, Jackson said that if there had been social media during his playing career, several of his teammates would have been exposed for engaging in similar behavior. He continued by saying that in his opinion, all players ought to be free to pursue their own interests without having to worry about having details of their private life revealed to the public.

Once a video showed Morant clutching a gun during a night out at a Denver strip club surfaced, the player himself came under fire. The NBA and the police both initiated investigations after the incident to find out if Morant owned the gun and whether he had taken it with him on the flight to Denver.

The public discussion regarding athletes’ privacy and personal lives has expanded as a result of the publication of images showing Morant at a strip club. While some have stated that athletes should not have to worry about having their personal lives exposed, others have argued that because they are public figures, athletes should be held to a higher standard.

Notwithstanding one’s stance on the issue, it is undeniable that social media has altered how we perceive athletes and their private lives. While some players might be able to keep their deeds a secret, others are less lucky and have to cope with the repercussions of their deeds becoming known.

The investigation into the gun incident is still underway, and it is unclear whether Morant will face any consequences as a result of his behavior. Yet, for the time being, the emphasis is on the need to respect athletes’ privacy and their right to private life.

Uncertainty about the return of Ja Morant

After a video showed Memphis Grizzlies player Ja Morant clutching a gun after a night out at a Denver strip club surfaced, he has been exonerated of any legal consequences. Yet in order to concentrate on his mental health, he spends an infinite amount of time apart from his teammates. There is presently no schedule for Morant’s return to the court, and the Grizzlies have not yet divulged any internal sanctions for him.

Ja Morant

Stephen Jackson, a former NBA player, defended Morant by saying that individuals from his generation and other previous players shouldn’t pass judgment on the rising star. Jackson thinks that if social media had been around when he was a player, many other players would have been exposed to media criticism for engaging in similar behavior.

Yet, for the time being, attention is on Morant’s health and his potential return to the court. The discussion surrounding players’ privacy and personal lives is still ongoing.

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