Dolphins fans left stunned as HC Mike McDaniel gets caught vaping on sidelines during wild-card game vs Bills

The third NFL wild-card game between the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins witnessed a nail-biting ending with the Bills getting away with a three-point win at Bills Stadium.

The Bills couldn’t grab any points in the last quarter, whereas the Dolphins started running up the score and came up short. We caught a brief glimpse of Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel smoking a vape pen at this critical juncture.

What did the fans feel while watching Mike McDaniel vape?

Coach McDaniel could have called a timeout as the fourth quarter came to a close if the flags were up. The NFL community was astounded to see him not do more to even the score.

The clip went viral on social media, and fans didn’t hesitate to mock him for the untimely antics.

Some couldn’t even believe that Mike would take such action in such a stressful moment.

Smoky Hill graduate Mike has been a professional football coach since 2005, starting as an intern for the Denver Broncos. The 39-year-old was given head coaching responsibilities for the first time in 2022 by the Dolphins. Previously, he was with the San Francisco 49ers as run game coordinator for three years and offensive coordinator for one.

On his way to finishing second in the AFC East, he won nine games and lost eight. McDaniel is also the first coach in the history of the Dolphins to win a season opener as a rookie coach.

McDaniel has a wife, Katie McDaniel, and a daughter.

Although it was his first playoff game as head coach, he seemed to get tense under duress. Do you think Mike McDaniel was high on vaping during the critical moment of the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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6 thoughts on “Dolphins fans left stunned as HC Mike McDaniel gets caught vaping on sidelines during wild-card game vs Bills”

  1. If this is true he should be fired there’s no smoking of any sort in the stadium.esp vape it’s not I’m a bills fan but this coach by his doing this caused his team to lose so I say fire him

  2. Usually you don’t see people just doing it for the FIRST time . The first time YOU or ANYONE ELSE SEES them they did it enough to feel comfortable they aren’t going to get caught!


  3. I really think he was high on the vape but I also think he’s a pill head his eyes are always pin pricked and the way he talks he’s messed up on opiates period


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