Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel preparing Skylar Thompson, Teddy Bridgewater for the finale amid QB Tua Tagovailoa concussion protocol

The NFL is spicing up as the playoffs are just around the corner. Many teams have started well this season but now find themselves in must-win situations in order to make it to the playoffs. The Dolphins are no exception- after starting the tournament well and winning eight games, they lost all of their last five games due to the absence of quarterback Tua Tagovailoa- now the dolphins are sitting in the third position in their group with eight wins and eight losses. 

On the flip side of things, Coach Mike McDaniel still believes in his boys and knows they are more than capable of playing and winning in the playoffs with adequate guidance. However, they first have to reach the playoff stage- not only will they have to win against the Jets, but they have to keep an eye on the Patriots’ match against the Buffalo Bills-if the Bills manage to win, then the fans might see the Dolphins in the playoffs after five years!

Skylar Thompson Teddy Bridgewater
Dolphins preparing for Teddy Bridgewater or Skylar Thompson to start Week 18

Currently, McDaniel is preparing Sklar Thompson and Teddy Bridgewater, as Tua is still unavailable after his concussion protocol. Tagovailoa is recovering, but the coach reveals that he needs more time, and his replacements will be ready to try their best to bring the win home on Monday. 

Skylar Thompson Teddy Bridgewater
Mike McDaniel’s shower comments: Miami coach freshening up Dolphins, but also himself.

What did coach Mike McDaniel say?

Coach Mike spoke regarding the health of Tua and how he is preparing his other plays. While talking about Tua’s health, he went on to say, 

“I haven’t even thought about [Tagovailoa’s] playing status. It’s about him getting healthy each and every day,” Mike said. “And so I can’t really even factor him into any sort of equation until we’re ready to broach that. It’s just really a situation of, at this point in the week — Monday and Tuesday game prep — I’ll be preparing for both Skylar and Teddy, and then proceed as the week progresses.”

“It’s critical that Tua worries only about the day that he’s currently in and nothing else,” he added, mentioning what the doctor had to say about Tagovailoa.

“Specifically as mandated, I haven’t had a discussion with Tua about when he’s playing,” Mike said. “Because again, the picture was painted very … from his head coach to the player, no timeline has been discussed with intent.”

“It is a day-to-day process really that, that is most important that we adhere to. And that’s just getting him better each and every day and getting him healthy as a person. So I don’t really have a timeline, unfortunately.”

Even though Tua is getting better, he will remain unable to play. With Tua out of the team, can Skylar Thompson or Teddy Bridgewater fit into Tagovailoa’s shoes and win it for the Dolphins? Stay tuned and find out as we approach a thrilling end to the season. 


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