Football fans outraged as FIFA boss Gianni Infantino takes selfie near Brazil legend Pele’s open casket

While the football world is still in a mourning period following the death of legendary soccer player Pele, the FIFA president’s shocking behavior in Pele’s wake has left everyone outraged.

Gianni Infantino was recently seen in the Brazilian city Santos, home of the soccer legend Pele, to pay his last respect to the king of football who recently died fighting colon cancer at the age of 82.

Pele’s wake is currently taking place in the Vila Belmiro, home to Pele’s longtime club Santos. The open casket, which bearing Pele’s body, is being displayed at the center of the pitch of Villa Belmiro and right beside that open casket, FIFA president Gianni Infantino was seen taking a selfie with a group.

The video of the shocking incident regarding the FIFA president has gone viral immediately and football fans around the world have not taken it lightly. The already controversial FIFA president since then has been heavily criticized for his behavior which was deemed as “disrespectful” by the fans.

FIFA president
FIFA President Gianni Infantino (left) appeared to take a photo today next to the open casket of football star Pele, whose wake has recently taken place in Brazil.

Shockingly enough, Pele’s sister also appeared in the same picture. Although, a few moments later, the FIFA president was seen consoling Pele’s widow Marcia Aoki and his son Edinho.

Gianni Infantino was the center of attention recently during the FIFA World Cup 2022 after his controversial speech defending Qatar’s strict regulations and asking others to respect Qatar’s restriction on Alcohol and LGBTQ+ movements.



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