Tua Tagovailoa Controversy: NFL’s commitment to player’s safety comes into question as footage emerges of Dolphins’ QB playing 2nd half with concussion

The match between the Miami Dolphins and Green Bay Packers on Christmas went down to the wire but the packers in the end managed to pull off an upset over the Dolphins with e 26-20 scorecard. During the match, Tua Tagovailoa, the quarterback of the Dolphins suffered a blow on the head leading toward his third concussion of this season. 

This incident is becoming very concerning for both Tua and the NFL- Tua earlier having suffered two concussions seems unfit to play while the NFL’s commitment to protecting their players is also being questioned as the player even after getting knocked down on the ground and getting hit on the head continued to play the entire game. 

Tua disclosed to team physicians that he was experiencing concussion symptoms, which led head coach Mike McDaniel to announce on Monday that Teddy Bridgwater, the team’s backup quarterback, will play with the first team until Tua is healthy enough to return.

However, Tua not playing the following matches is not the main concern, what concerning the most is how Tagovailoa was allowed to play the entire match without anyone noticing his injury- the concussion spotter, the coaches, nor his teammates did not report anything or even check to see if he was okay after the play.

How does the NFL’s commitment to player safety come into question?

The NFL universe earlier this year witnessed the change in concussion rules when Tua Tagovailoa suffered the injury and was knocked out on the field, yet after going through the incident twice he could not be secured for the third in a single season. 

Even though the protocols are now “sufficient” they are not being maintained at all. Tua, after he was struck, should have immediately been checked and his condition being severe, should have not been allowed to come back in the field. 

The Dolphins fans are outraged about the incident on Twitter and are blaming their team for not following the protocols-

“How many times are the Dolphins going to put a win over potentially life changing brain injuries in one season?” a fan questioned.

“The spotter is a dolphins employee. How can a guy with a history have this play and nobody catch it again” another fan added.

“It’s ridiculous that the Dolphins aren’t testing him after falling on the back of his head, given the history this season, especially since they had ALL OF HALFTIME to do so” a fan expressed his rage. 

Despite all the negativity toward the Dolphins, the fans did not question the NFL. The NFL with all of its technologies and cameras, should have stepped in and checked on the player to determine whether he was fit enough to play or not. Yet they did not.

What do you think, should the NFL step into situations like this and protect the players, or should they let the teams manage their players? Let us know in the comments. 

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