WWE legend Kevin Nash recalls, Triple H’s ex-girlfriend Chyna once made a murderous threat to Stephanie McMahon

Chyna, the biggest female superstar in WWE, had an outstanding image because of her physique and performance in the ring. She held the WWF Intercontinental Championship three times and the WWF Women’s Championship once.

The Ninth Wonder of the World became the first female to participate in a male Royal Rumble match and even eliminated World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry in the fight, which actually created a huge shock in the WWE arena.

But things didn’t go as planned for Chyna; her long-term boyfriend, the current WWE head of creative, Triple H, broke up with her and married Stephanie McMahon, causing enormous frustration for the most dominant female competitor of all time.

Recently in a podcast, former WWE legend Kevin Nash revealed that out of frustration, Chyna once considered ending Stephanie’s life.

“There was some tension, I think. Joanie Laurer [Chyna] said she was going to end Stephanie’s life. It was f**ked up.” 

Stephanie also admitted that Chyna actually caused problems while she [Steph] was dating Triple H, and at one point the current happily married couple even considered breaking up.

“Supposedly, they weren’t dating at that point. They had a house together, and they were trying to get out of the house or whatever. We saw each other for a couple of months and then when it came apparent to me that obviously, she’s living in your house something’s going on we stopped talking for a long time.”

However, a year after her shocking breakup, Chyna’s s*x tape with X-Pac got leaked, and she later joined the adult film industry, which she later stated she had no intention of joining. After that, things started going wrong for her. 

The physical monster failed to fight against her inner demons, which resulted in her massive drug addiction, and on April 17, 2016, the WWE Hall of Famer took her final breath at home due to an overdose of drugs.

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