WrestleMania 39: John Cena prepares to make comeback in-ring action next week, at WWE’s biggest show of 2023

WWE has been going strong under the leadership of Triple H and many fans have responded pretty positively to the running storyline. However, the 90’s and 00’s generation, as well as fans of old wrestling often miss the stars of that time. Finally, there seems to be some good news on the horizon as John Cena is preparing for his big return.

The 16-time world championship title winner has not had an appearance in Wrestlemania for the last few years. Fans expected an appearance from him during the 2022 season but the star had a shoot for a movie and couldn’t attend the program.

Another WrestleMania now is approaching and this time fans are cautiously optimistic about a cameo from ‘Mr. P’

One potential hint regarding Cena’s return was dropped by Austin Theory. During ‘The Champ’s cameo at John’s 20-year celebration program under the RAW banner Austin dropped a bombshell with the magic words, “The champ is here’. Before this, Theory already secured the United States title after beating Rollins and Lashley in a triple-threat match.

Austin Theory WWE RAW
Austin Theory. Via: Cinema Blend

John can fight against Austin but an even bigger match can be made here. Roman Reigns has been going strong, ever since he secured the heavyweight title. But it seems like his hunger for glory has deviated him from his warrior’s code. Now ‘The Tribal Cheif’ regularly takes aid from ‘The Bloodlines’ to hold his title, no matter the cost.

The next episode of Friday Night Smackdown is scheduled for December 30 where Kevin Owens will take on Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn. Cena interrupted the heavyweight champion during a speech and announced his return and team-up with Kevin Owens.

Many figures involved with the sport believe a John Cena return could be the next big internet-breaking event. Fans will have to wait a little longer to find out what happens.

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