“I would knock you out with one hand tied behind my back” Jake Paul brutally mocks Conor McGregor in recent call out

Jake Paul, the YouTuber-turned-boxer, has become a well-known name in combat sports because he has not lost a fight yet. Jake is teasing potential fights against some big names after winning six consecutive matches. In one of his recent tweets, he mentioned former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor to brutally mock him.

Paul in his four-year professional boxing career so far is undefeated fighting fellow YouTubers and other professional sportsmen.

But as there is a popular claim that Paul would not dare to fight any professional boxer, finally he decided to prove them wrong by fighting Brazilian American mixed martial artist Anderson da Silva who is considered a UFC legend.

Irish UFC star Conor has been out of the octagon for more than a year since he suffered a critical injury in his last fight. However, McGregor is healing quickly and he has set certain comeback matches for the following year. Conor keeps himself in the news even when he isn’t fighting thanks to his controversial tweets.

Undoubtedly, a possible match between The Problem Child and The Notorious would generate some buzz. As Conor has desired to enter the boxing world and Jake has been performing well, Jake believes it is possible. Although Jake does not think Conor has a chance against him.

“You fight for belts? Last time you fought for a belt was 4 years ago. Lost 3 of your last 4 fights. I would knock you out in the squared circle with one hand tied behind my back. To be fair, in the cage I would need two hands. But same result,” Jake Paul recently tweeted.

The Notorious has been actively tweeting about his upcoming fights and responding to his opponents’ tweets during this recovery period. Now that he has been challenged by Jake Paul, fans are interested to see how he will respond to the situation.

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