“I beat him if we rematch” Conor McGregor’s shocking remarks on Floyd Mayweather

Former UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor recently disclosed his shocking remarks that if he gets the anticipated rematch, he will end Floyd Mayweather.  

It’s been over five years since ‘Money’ and ‘The Notorious’ fought in a highly anticipated crossover bout in Las Vegas, where McGregor had to conceive a humiliating defeat that still enrages him frequently. Mayweather dominated the mega-fight, defeating the UFC star in the tenth round via TKO.

Even if the last fight did not favor McGregor, yet, he is now confident enough to win a rematch.

McGregor rushed to Twitter to express his feelings, “I beat Floyd if we rematch. Untold truth, it was me who carried him the early rounds playing pitty patty. Every single shot I threw early landed. From body to head, I was playing ping pong. I come out full force, and today, I end Floyd.”

However, McGregor’s Octagon fortunes have taken a hit as he has lost three of his past four UFC fights since battling Mayweather. The 34-year-old has been out for more than a year after suffering a broken tibia against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. 

McGregor’s decision is likely to be if he wants to commit to an event that will prolong his MMA absence since ‘the Mystic Mac’ is currently ranked 11th in the lightweight division and not getting any younger.

If McGregor wants to be a UFC champion again, he may have to put his return to the Octagon ahead of more lucrative progress with Mayweather.


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