List of WWE Superstars who despise Conor McGregor with all of their heart

WWE stars took to social media to mock Conor McGregor after the UFC fighter declared their roster “feared” him after WrestleMania.

The Irishman, who has long been rumored to be switching from MMA to professional wrestling, has a long-running rivalry with the stars of the sports entertainment firm. And he fueled the fire with his incendiary social media statements over the weekend.

McGregor claimed on Twitter that he was too terrifying to be awarded a spot with Brock Lesnar, Logan Paul, and Ronda Rousey at the two-day pay-per-view event, “Why wasn’t I at Wrestlemania?” McGregor asked fans on Twitter. “They all fear me, that’s why.

Drew McIntyre, the former world heavyweight champion, recreated Khabib Nurmagomedov’s famous catchphrase when he insulted the Irishman with the phrase “Shut up McTapper.” He wasn’t the only WWE star to respond to McGregor’s post, a number of other stars joined in.

Former world champion and renowned collegiate wrestler Dolph Ziggler AKA Nic Nemeth made fun of the Irishman’s stature. McGregor has fought at a maximum weight of 170 pounds, which by WWE standards would be considered tiny, and Ziggler remarked that “even I can’t cut down to flyweight.” 

Irish superstar Becky Lynch, who recently lost her Raw women’s championship to Bianca Belair, has also asked McGregor to make an appearance next year. She responded to his statement by saying, “Hey man. I could have used you. Bianca brought an army. Next year?”

Fellow Irishman Sheamus replied simply with an emoji of scissors.

Meanwhile, McGregor poked fun at Stone Cold Steve Austin, who returned to WrestleMania after a 19-year of absence.

The UFC star took to Twitter to talk about Stone Cold’s appearance at the event and stated, “Me at the Black Forge Inn! Arms like Stone Cold, leave a motherf***er Stone cold. Catch cans not feelings.” 

“The Notorious” has long been mentioned as a probable transition to professional wrestling, because of his colorful attitude and trash talk. However, he is currently focusing on getting back into shape for a comeback to the UFC octagon later this year after suffering a broken leg against Dustin Poirier last year.


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