“Ring card girls sleep with him” Dana White’s mother reveals her son slept with several women even wife Anne White’s sister

2022 was a really good year for Dana White. One after the other, UFC events sold out including seemingly boring cards and formed a streak that is probably double the longest winning streak of the top UFC fighters. Unfortunately, White ended the year with a major controversy that may haunt him across 2023.

The industry veteran and his wife went to celebrate the closing of the year at Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. They were initially chilling in the VIP area but things changed after the drinks started pouring in and the intoxication was building up. Dana probably wishes George Saint Pierre was around to check his ‘intoxication’ and hopefully prevent what was to come.

They don’t call Alchohol ‘Demon in a Bottle’ without appropriate reasons. As intoxicated Dana approached his wife, she got angry for some reason and slapped her husband. In reply, Dana hit her back like a true advocate of ‘equal opportunity’ and a fight nearly broke out. The UFC chief’s friends quickly stepped in to de-escalate the situation.

What Dana’s Mother revealed about him.

Dana’s mother June White came to public attention following her bombshell release of an unofficial biography of the UFC head honcho. June discussed Dana’s marriage to Anne Stella White saying, “His marriage is a joke. Everyone knows he puts Tiger Woods to shame. He has plenty of the ring card girls sleep with him”

“He slept with his sister-in-law in my house which made me absolutely furious, he goes after any girl he wants and usually gets them. They are [White and his wife] constantly fighting. In their honeymoon, she gave him the worst black eye I’ve ever seen.”

Many UFC fighters have previously called into question the necessity of paying a lavish amount of money to ring girls who don’t do anything of significance other than standing in front of the camera and looking pretty. Also, one of the ring girls Dana White ‘allegedly’ slept with was Tito Ortiz’s ex-wife.

Such a revelation sheds light on the animosity between Dana and Ortiz who are quite vocal about their hatred for each other. Dana already faces back-to-back attacks from the media regarding the fighter pay issue. Getting into a barfight with his wife will probably give more fuel to the ones trying to tarnish his legacy.


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