NBA world reacts to viral video of Warriors guard Jordan Poole chase after woman who helps him stand up

When it comes to flirting with female fans, 23-year-old professional basketball player Jordan Poole never fails to seize the moment. In the game against the Charlotte Hornets, the Golden State Warriors guard pulls another stunt with a beautiful lady.

Jordan Poole, who was drafted in 2019 for the NBA, became the overall 28th pick by the Warriors. In the last season, he contributed greatly, scoring 18.5 points per game on 44.8% field goals, 36.4% from three-point range, and a league-best 92.5% from free throws, resulting in being the NBA champion.

What did Jordan Poole do that night?

Jordan did put on another majestic display on the hardwood against the Hornets, scoring 24 points with 6 assists and 2 rebounds. At one moment, the guard slipped and fell on the court, near a beautiful lady on the stand. After noticing the woman, he pulled his antics, being able to get a hand to stand up, as he always did.

What is the public’s reaction to Jordan Poole’s stunt?

The video went viral instantly as fans made fresh entertainment out of it.

It seems the youngster is always caught in the middle of such situations where females are involved. Perhaps the appearance of a feminine entity encourages Poole to perform the play. The fans are also enjoying his childish, uncanny behavior.

Jordan Poole
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Jordan Poole had previously gotten another woman to come out of the stands with his antics, and he also went to two blondes sitting courtside.


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