“We have to leave” Julian Alvarez’s girlfriend’s nasty actions sparked fans’ outrage, leading to petition

FIFA World Cup 2022 has been a dream one for Argentinians all around the world, including the Argentine wonder-kid Julian Alverez.

The Manchester City striker netted 4 goals this world cup and has been the pioneer behind Argentina’s world cup triumph. From just another wonder-kid and the backup of Lautaro Martinez to a national hero, it’s safe to say this world cup has simply changed Alvarez’s career.

As Alvarez started to gain popularity, his personal life naturally started to become a trending topic on social media. His girlfriend Emilia Ferrero also became a popular figure as the couple earned a lot of love from the fans on social media.

However, a recent incident seems to turn the table around. The incident took place when a bunch of fans asked the couple to take pictures with them while the couple seemed to be in a hurry and seemed irritated by the requests of the fans which led to the Argentine striker’s girlfriend reacting in a way that fans found “rude”. 

Ferrero was seen asking the fans to take one group photo instead of individual photos as they wanted to leave the place as soon as possible for some apparent reason. This seemed to upset the fans as there were some children fans who were really excited to take pictures with “spiderman”.

this situation has now led to a bizarre situation on the internet as fans opened up and started to sign petitions to make Alvarez dump his “rude” girlfriend. As of now, over 20,000 fans have actually signed the petition.

However, Alvarez is unlikely to respond to such a petition as the couple is really having a good time even though there were rumors of Alvarez dumping and unfollowing his girlfriend on social media.



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