‘Bay Area love’ Warriors Jordan Poole reveals his relationship with 49ers’ Deebo Samuel

It is very common for fans to support two different sports teams from the same region or locality. The harmony, brotherhood, and cooperative mentality encourage people to show their support on various occasions, no matter the sport.

In this context, the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers and the NBA’s Golden State Warriors have a very similar relationship. As a result, the mutual admiration between 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel and Warriors guard Jordan Poole should come as no surprise.

What type of relationship is growing between Jordan Poole and Deebo Samuel?

Deebo is a frequent spectator of Warriors games at Chase Center this season. On a similar note, Deebo attended the Warriors’ Christmas Eve game against the Memphis Grizzlies. Jordan was a major contributor to the Warriors’ dominating victory over the Grizzlies. Later, they were seen celebrating the bay area’s victory.


After the last match of the year, the 23-year-old defending champion was asked about his relationship with the 49ers’ wide receiver. “First of all, shout out to Deebo, man,” Poole said in postgame press conference. “He’s a tremendous, tremendous, tremendous athlete. We’re just chopping it up, kind of Bay Area love.”

“But I’m a fan and anybody who is out there, who works as hard as he does and as positive as he is, you just try to support guys like that. And especially just seeing him come and for him to be courtside and him interacting how he does and I hit his hand in the game, telling him to turn me up,” Poole teased.

What is the culture of the Bay Area?

Poole spoke up about the unity among Bay Area people, saying, “So it is good to kind of bring the whole Bay Area together, not only for the Warriors but for all of our teams, especially the last four years I’ve been here. Just try to support as best I can because we need stuff like that.”

“We need moments like that. And as the Bay Area, we’re united and got to keep the good mojo going,” the shooting guard explains the motivation behind their growing friendship.

The Warriors are looking forward to securing a spot in the postseason playoffs with the support of Deebo Samuels and co. However, the 49ers are already looking good for the playoffs with two games remaining. Let’s hope Jordan Poole joins his Warriors teammates in a playoff game at Levi’s Stadium to cheer on Deebo and his teammates.


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