Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill shuts down rumors of divorcing his ‘happily married’ wife after two months

Miami Dolphins star WR Tyreek Hill had a good start to this season, with good stats in the game and recognition in the league. The WR also got married back in the bye-week after playing for the Kansas City Chiefs in Frankfurt, Germany.

However, after that, he encountered some awful events. A few days ago, his house caught on fire, his team’s season ended after losing to the Chiefs, and now rumors are circulating about the WR’s divorce. 

Tyreek Hill shuts down divorcing his wife speculation

The Miami Dolphins wide receiver immediately took to social media to clarify that he is not divorced and is “happily married.“

Broward County Court’s public reports show that Tyreek Hill had filed for divorce from Keeta Vaccaro, who prompted him to play against Titans. Reportedly, the WR filed the petition for dissolution on Monday. 

“The marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken,” the filing states.

Tyreek Hill
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However, after this news started circulating on social media, Hill denied his divorce filing. 

“I get on Twitter and see b***s,” Hill posted on X.

The WR also reacted to a news outlet reporting his divorce. He reposted their Tweet with a comment to clarify that the news is fake.

“Boy no the heck we didn’t so don’t put that in the air !!! We are happily married and gone stay that way.”

Tyreek Hill got married two months ago to Keeta Vaccaro, sister of retired NFL safety Kenny Vaccaro. The couple has been together since 2021 and finally tied the knot on November 8, 2023.

Despite the WR’s denial of the divorce, the public records clearly show that he has filed for divorce. If the reports are true, it will mean Tyreek Hill divorced his wife just after two months of marriage. 

NFL fans reacts to Tyreek Hill dismissing divorcing his wife claims

This incident triggered NFL fans, who took to social media to call out Tyreek Hill for his lies. Some fans believe that the WR is lying to the public, while others support him and call this whole case a fraud. 

Fans accused Hill of lying to the public by stating, “Very strange that public documents also say he indeed did file for divorce.”

Some fans called it a fraud and warned the WR that someone else might have filed for his divorce. 

“Someone filed y’all for divorce if it wasn’t you there’s about to be a serious fraud charge.”

Fans even called out the WR’s loyalty by stating, “Dude you have like 5 kids with 5 women wym you are not even loyal.”

Tyreek Hill was previously engaged to Crystal Espinal and has three children with her. In total, the WR has six children, and two of his babies’ mothers have accused him of not paying for the child support. Hill doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to his personal life.

It is yet to be seen whether his recent divorce rumors are true or not. While Tyreek Hill has strongly denied these rumors, his wife Keeta has been quiet about them, which makes this matter more suspicious.

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