Dominik Mysterio sabotaged Rey Mysterio’s chance to win WWE gold vs Roman Reigns at Mexico live event

After a long wait of four years, WWE returned to Mexico City this Saturday night (July 22, 2023) with a grand SuperShow. Fans were very happy with the return of WWE in Mexico. The venue was crowded with thousands of fans and everyone was excited to see their favourite WWE stars. 

There was an overwhelming response from the crowd in every match. Many great matches were held during the SuperShow, but fans were mostly excited about the face-off between Roman Reigns and Mexican legend Rey Mysterio, where the Anoa’i legend received unexpected help to defend his title.

Dominik Mysterio’s sneak attack on Rey Mysterio

The Universal Champion Roman Reigns successfully defended his title against Rey Mysterio. Mysterio and Roman Reigns were putting up a good fight against each other. Roman Reigns was throwing offensive blows at Rey Mysterio. But the Mexican Legend was giving good counter-moves to the Universal Champion. Mysterio was near winning the title until his son Dominik Mysterio pulled down the fallen referee from the ring when elder Mysterio was about to pin after a successful frog splash. 

Then Rey Mysterio went outside the ring with a suicide dive to deal with Dominik Mysterio. After beating his son when he returned to the ring he was dealt with a spear from Reigns. Which eventually resulted in the Victory of Roman Reigns. Dominik became the most hated man in Mexico that night.

But this was not the first time The Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio dueled against each other. In June, they both faced each other at a live event in Cincinnati. Rey had a great fight against Reigns but Dominik Mysterio interfered during the match. Because of the interference, Rey Mysterio was defeated.

Roman Reigns defeats Rey Mysterio ahead of his bout vs Jey Uso at SummerSlam

Last week On SmackDown, Roman Reigns accompanied by Solo Sikoa destroyed the Usos. Due to a severe beating, Jimmy Uso was rushed to a medical. On the other hand, Roman Reigns was challenged to a title match by Jey Uso. The game will take place at SummerSlam 2023. Jey Uso and Roman Reigns have a highly complex story. There was a time when the Usos had helped Roman Reigns to overcome his opponents in several title matches. Due to the abusive behavior of Reigns, Jey and Jimmy eventually left his side.

On the same Friday night Smackdown that Jimmy got beaten, Jey returned through the crowd and ambushed Roman Reigns with a steel chair. After that Jey challenged his cousin to a title match. In the following week while Roman’s absence, Jey did a sneak attack, this time on Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman.

Jey Uso would have lost his opportunity to face his cousin in a title match this SummerSlam because of Rey Mysterio. But Dominik didn’t let that happen.

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