Donovan Mitchell reacts to Cleveland Cavaliers drug test following their historic night

Donovan Mitchell is making headlines after his incredible performance against the Chicago Bulls- Mitchell went on to create history by scoring 71 points leading the Cavaliers to victory with a 145-134 margin.

The team from Cleaveland was over the moon after Mitchell’s achievement, and many expected the team to celebrate with a grand party, but did that actually happen? Well… NO! Instead, the team sent their prime player for a drug test. Talk about being thankful towards the guy!

Apparently, there are rules regarding drug tests in the NBA- the collective bargaining agreement between the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association says that players are usually tested for PEDs four times during the season and twice during the offseason.

However, Donovan Mitchell, who single-handedly won the game for his side, must not have expected something like a drug test just after his heroic performance. Hence, fans see the player reacting to the drug test incident on Twitter. 

How did Donovan Mitchell react?

Donovan Mitchell has a very humorous personality; even in serious situations, the guy can be seen cracking jokes and enjoying the moment. This time it was no different; after the post-match drug test, the player was left giggling as he could not believe his luck!

Donovan wrote in his tweet, “Andddd just like that we are drug tested this morning 😂😂😂”

How did fans react to Donovan Mitchell’s tweet?

Like Mitchell, fans also could not control themselves and laughed their way out of the situation with hilarious replies to Donovan’s tweet.

A fan wrote, “All they gonna find is 🕸️🕷️.”

“I mean for professional sports at least I bet it isn’t fun to have some random person watch you take a piss just to have it come back negative 😂” another fan added. 

The NBA world sure knows a thing or two about being sarcastic. How do you see Mitchell’s drug test? Share your opinion in the comments. 


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