Draymond Green’s previous remark on Jordan Poole emerges as solid evidence of no hostility between them

The 2022-23 NBA season is a couple of weeks away, and the Golden State Warriors are going through a chaotic situation at this crucial moment. What could be more unexpected at this moment than an internal war between two of the warriors!

Earlier this week, a confrontation between Golden State Warriors teammates Draymond Green and Jordan Poole dominated NBA headlines. After a chest-to-chest exchange, Green struck Poole in the face, that may result in severe penalties from the Warriors. Green has already expressed regret over the incident, but this is by no means the end of the matter.

The footage of this altercation released by TMZ Sports shows Poole and Draymond arguing and throwing words at each other. They eventually detach themselves from one another, but the trash-talking continues. Draymond approaches the young guard at this time. Poole then shoves his teammate, who responds with a powerful right hand that knocks Poole to the ground. When Draymond attempted to throw more blows, his teammates intervened to stop the fight.

But the incident takes a new turn as the netizens are digging up Green’s contradictory statement about Poole’s trash-talking from a few month back. Green praised Poole for having the attitude and remarked that it is the “recipe” for a player to sustain in the league.

Ironically, Poole “talking s**t” is what led to Green to punch him in the face, which Green argued to be other’s problem if they can’t handle it. Even though, fans are developing multiple theories surrounding the incident claiming that there’s more than just trash-talking that resulted in such a violent outbreak.

Many believe that it’s entirely Green’s fault and utterly unexpected of him, while others blame Stephen Curry for not handling the overall situation with more competence. 

However, everyone involved including Green himself is trying to resolve the issue before it goes beyond the limit and effects the team’s performance in the upcoming NBA finals.

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