Video of Draymond Green brutally punching Jordan Poole in warriors practice goes viral

The NBA universe is aware of the beef between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole. These two have taken on each other several times before. But unlike the previous ones, last Wednesday’s incident didn’t end in a verbal altercation.

The footage of the incident, which went viral, shows Green aggressively striking Poole in the face during Warriors practice.

As shown in the video, the 6-foot-6 Green walked into Poole first following their series of aggressive conversations, and after Poole tried to push Green away, Green ruthlessly smacked Poole down and went all over him. Teammates and staff of the Warriors then tried to separate Green from Poole, and the practice was halted for some time. Poole, however, was not seriously injured because he finished his practice later that evening seamlessly.

Even though it was earlier reported that the incident originated from the changed behavior of Poole as he was inching closer to a new lucrative deal with the Warriors, Steph Curry, the Warriors superstar, has completely denied the fact by simply saying “absolute BS.”

Bob Myers, manager of the Warriors, later played down the severity of the incident, saying “These things happen. Nobody likes it. We don’t condone it, but it happens.” He then later confirmed the reports of Green immediately apologizing to his teammates. “Draymond apologized to the team. Jordan was there in the room.”

As far as the punishment, Green was supposed to face internal discipline which will not include any match suspension. The viral video might not help the situation, though, as it might force the Warriors to suspend Green for a significant number of games.

Reactions of the NBA world Regarding the Incident

This incident went beyond the NFL world as it shook people from the other sports too. It’s currently one of the most trending topic in sports world as stars from both NBA and NFL has reacted on it. Most of them thinks this wold nd wit Green leaving the Warriors.

Trae Young, one of the biggest stars in the NBA thinks Draymond did this to get out of the warriors and join LA.

Baltimore Ravens’ Quarterback Lamar Jackson reacted on the video saying, he would simply leave the Warriors if he were in Green’s place so that he doesn’t need to see Poole everyday till his retirement.

Defending champion Golden State Warriors’ title defending mission will begin in 19th October facing the Lakers. Only time will tell whether or not this incident would impact on their overall performance. Although, it’s imminent now that Green will face heavier punishment than reported earlier.


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