EA sports suffer major setback, CFBPA to go on strike after $500 joke deal was proposed to college players

EA Sports was preparing to head back to the college football video game in 2024 after being out of it for one decade since “NCAA Football 14” in 2013 and all eligible FBS players can opt-in to enjoy their likenesses incorporated.

However, their return isn’t going to be smooth as they have to witness a major setback following a boycott threat from CFBPA regarding player’s compensation for allowing their names, images, and likenesses in the game.

EA Sports

What is CFBPA?

CFBPA stands for College Football Players Association and it was established with the aim to represent past, present, and future college football players within the national border to make college sports more player-friendly.

The founder of the new player’s organization Jason Stahl revealed he started the initiative to ensure the football players everywhere are getting fair chances to have a collective voice in the decision-making process within their respective sports. He also added the backstory of the idea saying “In the summer of 2020 college football players called for the creation of a CFBPA while returning to play in the midst of a pandemic.

Why does CFBPA plan to boycott EA Sports college football games?

According to Pete Nakos of On3, the College Football Players Association is all set to arrange a protest against the compensation provided by EA and its vice president Justin Falcinelli encouraged the football players not to allow their NIL to be used in the game.

“All current players should boycott this deal. It is an opt-in deal, and they should not opt into it.”

Pete revealed the “cash pool for athletes was in the $5 million neighborhood, which would pay out to $500 per player” as well as the athletes will not get the chance to receive royalties for their appearance in the game and Falcinelli was visibly disappointed with the fact.

“It is just a ridiculously low amount of money. Given the context and the hype that surrounds this game. When we first heard the number, we’re like, ‘Alright, that sounds low. Let’s go figure out if it is low.”

The former member of the Clemson Tigers champions team revealed he explored how much the NFL players receive for their likeness being used in the Madden video game franchise and found out current national football players are getting a whopping $28,000 for it.

“And started talking to guys, talked to some of my friends, some guys who are still playing in the NFL. ‘So, what are NFL players getting paid for Madden?’ And the numbers we were given were from 2019, it was disclosed that they got, I think, about $17,000. And then a current NFL player told us that he got a check for $28,000 this year for Madden.”

He again urged to boycott it saying OneTeam Partners are eyeing to offer the lowest amount possible to the football players.

E.A. Sports

“You should not participate in this. It is a simple cash grab to just try to get you for the lowest amount possible. And it’s OneTeam Partners and all these organizations that don’t really represent the players’ best interest.”

It remains to be seen how EA Sports will navigate through this significant setback and work towards a resolution to consider the players’ contributions and uphold their rights in the virtual realm.


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