Elon Musk allegedly orders twitter for algorithm change to boost his engagement after getting upset over Joe Biden’s Super Bowl post

In the world of social media, even the most influential personalities can feel powerless when it comes to controlling their online presence. And when you’re someone as high-profile as Elon Musk, that feeling of powerlessness can quickly turn into frustration.

Recently, rumors have been circulating that the billionaire entrepreneur went so far as to order Twitter to change its algorithm.

On Sunday, Elon Musk personally instructed engineers at Twitter to modify the social network’s algorithm to prioritize his tweets. It caused users’ feeds to be flooded with his posts.

The Platformer reported on Tuesday that Musk was displeased that his tweet in support of the Philadelphia Eagles during the Super Bowl had received significantly less attention. On the other hand, President Joe Biden’s tweet received more attention.

After Musk’s private jet landed in the Bay Area, he complained to Twitter’s CEO about the issue. Following Musk’s orders, Twitter engineers allowed his tweets to bypass the platform’s algorithms and appear at the top of users’ feeds.

According to the Platformer, Musk’s closest assistants directed a team of 80 engineers to immediately address the engagement issue. Their solution was to artificially boost Musk’s tweets by a factor of 1,000. It effectively bypassed filters designed to enhance user experiences.

As a result, several Twitter users noticed that their “For You” feeds were filled with tweets and replies from Musk, even from accounts that did not follow him.

Elon Musk’s tweet supporting the Philadelphia Eagles received approximately 9 million views before he deleted it. Biden’s tweet generated nearly 29 million impressions. In response, Musk fired one of the company’s top engineers, who had tried to explain that interest in Musk was declining in general, using a chart from Google Trends tracking searches for “Elon Musk” as evidence.

On Tuesday, Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but Musk asked users to “stay tuned” while adjustments were made to the algorithm. Hours earlier, he posted a meme tweet suggesting that his tweets were being force-fed to Twitter users.

While it remains unclear whether Musk actually requested to change Twitter’s algorithm, the controversy has certainly sparked a lively conversation around the ethical use of social media. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication, it’s important to stay vigilant and mindful of the impact our actions can have, both on ourselves and on the wider world around us.


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