“Even though he’s hurting he still wanna get out & help his team” Marcus Smart commends Robert Williams’ courage to play through injury

Marcus Smart and Robert Williams, both of the Boston Celtics players, have been sidelined with injuries but have continued to play for the team despite the misery they were in.

Marcus Smart is a defining character of playing through injuries coming to the Finals with a bone bruise all the way from the Conference Finals day. This time this true patriot seems that he got a perfect company as Rob Williams decided to continue to play bearing the pain.

Robert Williams has been playing with the pain thought 2022 playoffs because of a sore in his knee. His pain got some more spice during the Game 2 of the 2022 NBA Finals, the shock came after Marcus Smart inadvertently fell into the back of Williams’ knee.

After the scary moment his playing in Game 3 of the Finals was in fog, Williams cleared the fog playing in the Game 3 yesterday which got him the praise of his teammate Marcus Smart, who praises saying;

“Brave Boy”

Smart says he is constantly talking with Rob, sharing tips with him and caring for the Celtics mate ensures that he knows what it’s like to play with the pain and how it feels. Even though it’s hurting he still wants to go out to help the team.

Marcus thinks it in the way that something is better than nothing as he continues, “even though he’s hurting he still wanna get out & help his team”.

“if you can go we’ll take 20% of you than none of you”

What Marcus Smart and Rob Williams is doing definitely shows the true spirit they want to put for their team and shows their dedication to win the title. That’s the reason maybe they are moving ahead of the Warriors by 2-1, winning the game 3 on Thursdays.


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