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Draymond Green drops brutally honest remarks on Marcus Smart’s “leadership evolution”

Draymond Green

The heavyweight Finals of 2022 NBA championship are just about to begin. Both the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics are overloaded with stars to win the 2022 championship. 

Boston star Draymond Green and Celtic star Marcus Smart are considered as the powerhouse for their own teams with the quality and prowess they play for their respective teams. There’s much alike of these two stars considering what they do for their team.

Playing similarity between these two players is never ending the Warriors head coach Steve Kerr accurately summed up what makes Smart so comparable to Green. Steve Kerr compared the Celtics point guard with Draymond Green stating:

“He’s like the guard version of Draymond Green. He’s reading angles, he’s guarding all five positions, if he switches on to a five man, he’s so strong, he can hold them off. He’s quick enough to chase point guards around, big enough to guard wings so he can literally guard 1-5 in the modern game. He’s appropriately named, very smart player and really versatile and great, great defender.”

Draymond Green was asked on Tuesday whether he agrees with Kerr’s assessment about Green and smart. Green seemed to have a positive notch about the Kerr’s statement as Green continued lauding the Celtics PG.

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“Yeah, for sure, He’s the emotional leader. He’s the anchor on their defense in a way… Marcus Smart is your real anchor on that defense. And then on the offensive end, he’s the one getting everybody involved.”

“But that’s a guy that I have a lot of respect for and to see him coming into his own  and I’ve used this a couple of times  to see him looking like the Marcus Smart that came out of Oklahoma State and had so much promise, to see him back playing that way and at that level, it’s been fun to watch.”

Four time All Star Green was named Defensive Player of the Year for 2016-17. Just he mentioned about Marcus Smart, he was the anchor for the Warriors in winning three of the NBA championship.

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