“What Draymond Said Is Weird” Kendrick Perkins Gets Candid on Draymond Green’s Remarks about Steph Curry

Kendrick Perkins was weirded out over Draymond Green being super defensive about Stephen Curry. Stephen Curry till now have not won any NBA finals MVP trophy. Green upheld his team mate with utmost loyalty. But his comments turned out to be quite controversial as both Perkins and Kevin Durant reacted to it.

Kendrick took a hit at Green calling his defense “Weird”. NBA analyst found Green’s defense quite over the top as nobody was doubting Steph Curry’s legacy as a player reshaping NBA.

“The Draymond Green Show” was heated up when the Steph Curry being the MVP argument was brought up. Green swore for his warrior team mate’s capability by bringing up him getting double-teamed seven times more than Kevin Durant got double teamed. 

Draymond Green charged the people questioning Steph Curry’s footprints in NBA history. “If you’re capable of analyzing a game, then under no circumstances are you going to say Steph Curry needs a Finals MVP to validate who he is,” Green argued agitatedly challenging people who aren’t expert on NBA analysis.  

Former NBA Champion Perkins found his remarks “weird”.  Perkins went on a long rant over Green’s overreaction as nobody was being dubious about honoring Steph Curry’s legacy as a NBA star. “In my opinion, I got Steph Curry as No. 12. For Draymond to create this narrative that everybody is saying this — Steph Curry, a generational talent, a guy that changed the game forever — is sitting up here saying that he needs a Finals MVP to put a stamp on his legacy? Nobody is saying that,” Kendrick ranted.

Kendrick further analyzed Green’s words by ranking Steph Curry as No. 12th if he was asked to name 10 greatest player of all time. Kendrick argued Green’s defense was unnecessary as nobody denied Steph Curry is GOAT.

Kevin Durant also took offense at Green’s comparison. He shot back at Green on twitter that his analysis is 100% false. The feud between Net’s superstar and Warrior legend continued for sometime but ended on a friendly note. 

Even though Durant and Green lowered the daggers drawn, the circumstances are different in Kendrick’s case. NBA analyst and Green had beef in the past so things could get escalated on this front. 


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