“Everyone left me.” Ex-Bull legend Dennis Rodman opens up about mental health struggles, childhood trauma

Due to his defensive prowess, Dennis Rodman was able to carve out a legendary NBA career for himself. Back in his day, he was a flamboyant forward as well as a defensive beast. He had an incredible talent for grabbing rebounds and exhibited relentless intensity that shook the entire arena.

The two-time Defensive Player of the Year had a successful career and won several championships with the Chicago Bulls. His life wasn’t as prosperous before the NBA, though, as it is now. The NBA legend was only a child when he experienced the darkest aspects of life.

In addition to his mother, Rodman grew up with two older sisters. His biological father abandoned the family when he was just three years old. As a result, the Worm never had a father figure in his life. Rodman, who was fatherless, was never even given unconditional love by his mother. He believed that she always treated him sternly and tried to physically abuse him. It got so bad that she even ejected him from the house for failing to find work during the hard times.

Dennis Rodman remained a depressed soul even after getting drafted by the Detroit Pistons. Notably, the renowned athlete considered killing himself in 1993. Rodman thought that playing basketball would help him win his family’s love after he had trouble attracting their attention. Rodman discussed his traumatic past in an interview with Kim Sean.

Rodman said: “All I needed was people say okay great, it’s okay, we like you, we love you. That was my biggest flaw right there. Because my mother never loved me, never had a dad, my sister Dave who knows. My family left me, the team left me, everyone left me.”

Despite the difficulties of his childhood, Dennis Rodman was able to persevere. His passion for basketball would likely make his troubled history disappear. Even though he was never loved by his family, he is today still adored by millions of his fans.

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