“Everyone should have the ability to play” USWNT star Alex Morgan threatens to boycott states that ban trans athletes

USWNT star Alex Morgan could boycott Texas and Florida in support of the trans soccer athletes who have the right to play any sport.

Alex Morgan is a professional soccer player who plays as a forward for the United States Women’s National Team and the San Diego Wave FC in the National Women’s Soccer League.

In Texas and Florida, trans players are banned from playing soccer alongside women and the superstar is not happy with the treatment.

Becky Sauerbrunn, a teammate of Alex Morgan wrote an op-ed in favor of guys playing alongside women and the USWNT superstar has supported her.

Morgan spoke about the rights that everyone should have a chance to participate in sports and set up a meeting with teammates to consider the decision whether to boycott the two states where they will play in the SheBelievesCup.

“The inclusion of trans kids in sports is the inclusion of kids in sports. Everyone should have the ability to play sports.”-Morgan said.

“Looking at these games in Florida and Texas, respectively, we’re going to need to continue to step it up, and have internal discussions as well with the team, because we’re not ones to shy away from a hard conversation or taking a stand for what’s right,” Morgan declared.

Morgan added that “Playing in Florida and Texas, that’s something that the team definitely needs to look at. I think just even talking about it is good.”

“I think it’s bizarre that FIFA has looked to have a `Visit Saudi’ sponsorship for the Women’s World Cup when I, myself, Alex Morgan, would not even be supported and accepted in that country, so I just don’t understand it,” she stated at the wrong treatment to the trans athletes.

“So that would be my advice to them. And I really hope that FIFA does the right thing,” Morgan added.


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4 thoughts on ““Everyone should have the ability to play” USWNT star Alex Morgan threatens to boycott states that ban trans athletes”

  1. So how stupid is she? Women have fought hard for their rights! Now they are want to let transgenders to compete in a woman’s sport. So go ahead then all the best athletes in women sports will be biological males…. Going though the transition is a choice, and they keep all of the strength and speed advantages. Until women stand together like in the pass. Transgenders will take over women sports and then it will be to late to have women sports. It will only be men’s sports and a mixed sports (women/Trans) which isn’t fair to the female athletes that have trained so hard to become the best to be beaten by a guy that decided to become a girl. I actually feel bad for for females that have to compete against men.


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