Ex-49ers QB Trent Dilfer not impressed with Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers’ achievements in current NFL for it to be “Super Easy”

Tom Brady is the undisputed GOAT of the NFL, having won seven Super Bowls and all the awards a quarterback can win. He has also won three MVP awards. On the other hand, Aaron Rodgers is one of the best veteran quarterbacks in the game in recent times.

The star quarterback might not have won seven Super Bowls, but he has one of them and has won four MVP awards. Even with their enormous achievements, some people will always remain jealous, like Trent Dilfer. 

While many fans from around the globe worship Brady and Rodgers, Dilfer has something else to say. According to TMZ Sports, Trent recently appeared in ESPN’s ‘Bullies of Baltimore’ 30 for 30 documentaries on the Ravens and commented on the two living legends of the NFL. 

Dilfer had also won a Super Bowl just the season before Brady won his first one. However, getting jealous of the two’s long careers and great heights, Trent Dilfer could not hold himself back from bringing up the “generation argument.”

What did Trent Dilfer say?

Dilfer tries to bash Brady and Aaron in the show by stating that the old days were much more challenging and that modern-day football is “Super Easy.” 

“The modern-day game does not impress me,” Trend justified. “It’s super easy when you don’t get hit as a quarterback and when you can’t reroute receivers and when you can’t hit guys across the middle.”

Moreover, he added, “I love Tom Brady. I love Aaron Rodgers. I love these guys. It’s not impressive. What’s impressive is what they did,”  when Dilfer says they, he does not mean Brady and Rodgers but rather the quarterback of his time. 

Undoubtedly, the defensive game was more prominent than today’s offensive one. However, it does not mean Tom and Aaron did not have to work hard to achieve greatness; the game might have changed, yet, in no circumstances has it become easy. Instead, with such offensive gameplay, it has become harder for quarterbacks. Just look at how fans have accused TB12 of his decreasing pace over the years.

Quarterbacks nowadays have to work twice as hard then the conventional guy back in the day.  

Yet people like Dilfer will never stop. Let us ignore people who have zero respect for the modern game or its heroes and enjoy the beauty of football with its legends!


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