Tom Brady’s response to Colin Cowherd’s question hints possibility of seven-time Super Bowl champion’s NFL return

After announcing his retirement last Wednesday, Tom Brady has been spotted in the media several times as people want to know why he has retired and what his next move in life might be. Colin Cowherd is a bit different from the rest of the crowd. Unlike many other hosts and co-hosts of interview shows, Colin does not keep it simple. He asks Brady a question that was very popular last year. 

Last year when Brady announced his retirement, people kept asking him whether he would return to football. Not disappointing his fans, Brady eventually did return. However, many people laughed at him for only retiring for a short span of forty days. Now that TB12 has retired for good, Cowherd asked the legend last year’s famous question, whether the fans will see him in the field ever again, is there even a 1% chance of talking him into football? 

Tom Brady answers this question with a twist. While he says he is not coming back, his inner feelings for football can be spotted clearly. 

What does Tom Brady say regarding his return?

Tom Brady being the legend he is, first shares his heart with his fans; he says, “I know in my heart how I feel.. you know, I put it out on the field for 23 years, and I’m super proud of what’s been accomplished. I just wanted to keep last week really short and sweet….”

He does not stop there, as he then reveals that he is not coming back. However, he is excited about what awaits him in the near future. Therefore, Tom says to Colin, 

“I think when one thing closes like football has for me for, you know, 32 years of my life and you know. I look forward to what’s ahead. There are new chapters, and there are no exciting things, and there’s new growth. There are new opportunities, and I’m really excited for what’s ahead, so you know I’ve loved my time of football. It’s absolutely an incredible love in my life, and it’s hard to make decisions like that, but it’s certainly the right time.”

Even though fans will not see Tom Brady as the player anymore, they will certainly see him in a new role. While we do not know when that will happen, we hope Tom goes on to achieve greatness. 


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