Ex-Chiefs RB LeSean McCoy cites reason for Eric Bieniemy’s inability to secure head coaching position unrelated to race

Eric Bieniemy has become the Washington Commanders’ new assistant head coach and offensive coordinator. After he got hired, many fans complained about why the Kansas City Chiefs did not make him the head coach. It seems like LeSean McCoy has the explanation and answer for that question. 

Having played more than a decade in the NFL and winning two Super Bowls, which includes a ring with the Chiefs, McCoy knows the Kansas City team thoroughly, and according to him, Eric did not deserve to be in the head coach position. 

LeSean McCoy
Eric Bieniemy

On the other hand, the fans who favor Bieniemy did present a strong case- the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce did contribute the most while winning Super Bowl LVII. However, LeSean gives all the credit to head coach Andy Reid. 

While talking in the show Speak, LeSean McCoy questions Eric Bieniemy’s value as head coach and asks, “What’s his value? What makes him a good offensive coordinator?”

What did LeSean McCoy say regarding the head coach post of the Kansas City Chiefs?

McCoy explaining in detail about the contribution of Andy Ried, said the offensive game plans were “designed” by the head coach and not the offensive coordinator, Eric. LeSean, giving examples of other great head coaches, once again questions the potential of the offensive coordinator as he says, 

“When you talk about offensive coordinators, I could tell you what makes [Giants coach] Brian Daboll a very, very good coordinator. I could tell you what Andy Reid or Doug Pederson [is]. But when I ask about Eric Bieniemy, what makes him good?”

However, when it comes to the NFL race is always a concern. While the value of Bieniemy was questioned, the hosts of the show did also ask, whether being black had something to do with Eric not getting the head coach post, and even though McCoy believes there should be more black head coaches in the league, he replied “absolutely not,” as Bieniemy isn’t an ideal candidate.

Is McCoy right? What do you think? You can share your insights with us in the comments. 


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