Ex-Grizzlies star envisions Chiefs TE Travis Kelce’s post-NFL success in television: “It’s even gonna be better after he’s done playing football”

Travis Kelce, a fan-favorite tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, has cemented his team and himself as the reigning monarch of the NFL along with capturing the hearts of many athletes including NBA legends with his versatile athleticism.

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Former Grizzlies player Chandler Parson emerged as a fan of Zeus for his extraordinary personality and “God-gifted” sportsmanship.

Chandler Parsons’ prediction on Kelce’s post-NFL career

In a Funduel Tv interview, Kelce and Parsons crossed paths and enjoyed some amusing moments where the TE expressed his thoughts on his own tight-end playing ability, expressed a desire to play golf with Parsons, and the 33-year-old talked about his relationship with NBA legend LeBron James. Kelce is known for making interviews entertaining, and he did so on that particular day as well.

Everything was amusing, but the interview’s conclusion was the most thrilling part of the show because it included the former NBA player’s prediction for the star player of the Chiefs’ future. The famous NBA player claimed, once the tight end steps down from the NFL, he will be blessed with a more illustrious career ahead of him.

“People don’t know Travis Kelce is the greatest personality ever. As successful as his career has been, it’s even gonna be better after he’s done playing football,” Parsons says.

Travis Kelce


Given Kelce’s facial expression, it is safe to assume that he was extremely pleased with the comment. This will undoubtedly serve as a major source of inspiration for him in the future.

Why is Travis Kelce famous?

Travis is known as the “TE GOAT,” and in the ten seasons he has played, there hasn’t been a tight end as dominant as him. He has been selected to the Pro Bowl each of the past five years and has earned three First-Team All-Pro nods. It’s surprising to the entire NFL community that a player who is 33 years old is still producing and energetic like a rookie.

Travis Kelce remains top fantasy tight end for 2022

His seventh consecutive season of 1,000 or more yards gained extended his NFL record for tight ends with 1,000-yard seasons, and no other tight end has even come close to matching it.

Moreover, he is only the fifth tight end in league history to surpass 10,000 yards receiving in a career that has spanned 144 games, 814 career receptions, and 69 touchdown catches, additionally ranks fifth among tight ends with 814 career receptions.

Only Hall of Famer Jerry Rice has more postseason receptions, receiving yards, and touchdown grabs than Kelce, which is why he is considered to be a beast.

TK has nothing left to prove himself in the NFL world, now it is interesting to see whether he can be a more successful name out of the field according to the remark of the former NBA player.


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