“I feared guarding KD more”: former NBA star Chandler Parsons drops shock bomb on ranking Kevin Durant higher than LeBron James

Previously, Los Angeles Lakers superstar Lebron James’ former teammate Mario Chalmers pointed out the fear factor that the Lakers star lacks, and another former professional had a similar opinion.

Mario was sharing his experience playing with Lebron, and he thinks Michael Jordan is more intimidating. He has never witnessed that kind of fear in this generation of players when they face him.

Now, Chandler Parsons also supports Chalmer’s statement while bringing up Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant.

What did Chad Parsons think about Lebron James and Kevin Durant?

The 34-year-old former professional shared his experience playing against James Durant and the Lakers. Between them, the Suns’ forward is more ferocious than the Houston Rockets’ ex-athlete.

“When I was playing, I feared guarding Kevin Durant more than I feared guarding LeBron James just because of his ability to score in iso and the way he can break you off,” the Rockets small forward said.

“The way you can play great defense, he can shoot over you. LeBron is more passive. He gets off by making the extra pass. He’s less aggressive,” the 6.8-footer explained.

It’s true that King James has an attacking prowess more like a poacher’s instinct. He observes the players, finds weak spots, and exploits gaps in defense to score points. Everyone has their own approach, and fear is not his style.

On the other hand, the 13-time all-star is always looking forward to going neck-and-neck with opponents. He is more likely to attack the player and snatch the ball for him by demonstrating a physical approach.

Whatever their style is, the ultimate goal is to win and to win you over to making baskets. Sometimes it’s easier to find chances, use them cleverly, or go for a more direct approach. It is determined by the team’s chemistry and the coaches’ tactics.

what’s your take on Parsons’s opinion? Do you believe LeBron James isn’t intimidating on the court? Let us know in the comments.

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